Spring Certification Courses 2016


ACA Level 1 and 2 SUP Instructor Workshop, Certification Exam. April 23-25

ACA Level 3 SUP Instructor Workshop, Certification Exam.
April 27-28


ACA level 1 and 2 SUP instructor Workshop, Certification Exam & Update. 
May 11, 12, 13

ACA Level 3 SUP instructor Workshop, Certification & Update. 
May 14, 15


ACA Level 3 SUP instructor Workshop, Certification & Update. 
May 18,19,20


ACA Level 1,2 SUP Instructor Workshop, Certification & Update  May 23-25


clinics and camps


Classes Every Week
Half Days: Saturday and Sunday or  Monday and Tuesday
(half day lake and half day river sessions)
Full Day: Friday - Full day River trips class  1 and 2 rapids
Class Times: 9:30 –12:30 and 1:30 –4:30 pm 
Private Lessons:
Everyday: 9:30 am to 12:30 and 1:30 –4:30 pm

KIDS KAYAKING (9-12 yr olds)


June 17 and 24 Kids Camp (pool sessions at the ARC)

June 20 and 21  for half day river sessions

June 22 and 28 for the full day river sessions


July 15 and 22 Kids Camp (pool sessions at the ARC)

July 17 and 18 for half day river sessions

July 19 and 26 for full day river sessions

KIDS SUP SESSIONS(9-12 yr olds)

June 26 and 27: half day sessions from 10:00 am –12:30

July 31 and August 1: half day sessions from 10:00am –12:30

$320.00 includes two half days, one full day and lunches.

First Clinic: July 24, 25, 26

Second Clinic: August 7, 8, 9

Third Clinic: August 21, 22, 23

Fourth Clinic: Sep 18, 19, 20

We are entering our 9th year teaching Stand Up Paddling and kayaking on the river.  I started Stand Up Paddling in Fiji in 2003 on my honeymoon and then brought a long surfboard and paddle to the rapids of Colorado in 2004. 

Now we are using specialized shorter, thicker and wider boards, that I have helped design with the help of C-4Waterman based in O’ahu, Hawaii’.

At Aspen Kayak and SUP we have been the leader in River SUP since 2007. As an Instructor Trainer and Examiner, I have certified dozens of instructors around the state and the Nation in Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking.

We certify under the Gold standard of instruction from the American Canoe Association (ACA). Join us for a fun filled day on the river, training for your next event or instructor training and certification

We offer state of the art equipment designed to help you progress as easily as possible.  Kayaks from Jackson, Liquid Logic, Dagger, Wave Sport, Prijon and Pyrahna allow you to comfortably enjoy the river. The latest Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards from C4 Waterman allow you to enjoy and more easily learn skills.   Paddles from Werner and Pohaku for propulsion; while wetsuits, fleece, paddle jackets , booties and helmets provide you with comfort and safety as you experience Aspen from a new perspective.

We offer private and class instruction, half day, full day and multi-day lessons.  We also guide 6 day trips down the Green River and 2 week trips down the Grand canyon. American Canoe Association certification courses are also offered if you are interested in becoming a Kayak or Stand Up Paddle instructor.

Basic courses are offered either weekend or weeklong, and provide training in strokes and maneuvers in flat water, class I and II rivers.


Located in the central Rockies, we offer friendly guides, high level instruction and superb rivers in and around the incredible, historic town of Aspen. Paddle Boarding has over 10 years and  Kayaking has over 50 years of  history in Aspen with many enthusiasts living in the valley.

Our main office is the Nature Preserve on the Roaring Fork River 5 minutes above town. We take students on three beautiful sections, each slightly more challenging. They provide a perfect progression for the novice paddler and quick and easy access for a workout or roll session for intermediate and advanced paddlers.

Advanced paddlers enjoy the Slaughter House section of the Fork 5 minutes downstream from Aspen. Intermediate kayakers play in the Toothache rapids 15 min. from town.  We also have access to 4 more sections of the Fork and the Colorado River. 

Charlie MacArthur is the founder of the Aspen Kayak Academy. With over twenty years of teaching experience, Charlie has taught hundreds of people to safely become kayakers and Stand Up Paddlers.  Charlie has paddled many rivers as well. Paddling first descents on the Roaring Fork, Crystal River and rivers in Hawai’i, he also has many first place finishes in extreme downriver races on the Gore section of the Colorado river, Stand Up Paddle racing and has raced a surf ski in the prestigious 36 mile open ocean Moloka’i Channel race. Charlie also paddled in and filmed whitewater videos ; “Meltdown Madness” and “Paddlemania” and “Paddlemania Worldwide”.


Stand Up Paddleboard/Raft

Located in the foothills
of the Himilayas. Click here
for more details. . .